Yoga works on the push and pull factor.


The push is our own daily discipline and effort. The pull is grace. This grace is attributed to our Guru whom we invoke through our daily yoga. In a yoga class, expressing reverence and gratitude to the yoga teacher at the beginning and end of each yoga session enhances the inherent goodness of the inner journey of yoga.


In nearly all Eastern philosophies, importance, reverence and respect is given to the Guru – the one who opens the door to our inner wisdom.


This Guru is most times a living master or it can sometimes be a spiritual being whose grace and guidance enhances our journey through consciousness. Awareness from a yogic perspective is the wisdom guiding us beyond the state of the ‘no-thought’ where the mind has no more thoughts. This “awareness” as the wisdom behind thought is the Guru. In yoga, as we journey through consciousness and states beyond the mind, the awareness beyond the mind as the Guru continues to guide us.


The mind is the tool to awareness and the journey beyond consciousness. Breath is the key to utilizing the mind. Each thought carries energy, and thoughts of our Guru carry an expanded energy of wisdom that guides, transforms and evolves us. When we invoke our personal Guru/s to guide us through our yogic journey, we are guided through a higher wisdom connection that is both fulfilling and nourishing.


The Guru Chakra


Guru Consciousness comes from awareness of the chakra which is located above the navel and known by the yogis as the Guru Chakra (not described in any text books or intellectual teachings of yoga). Tapping into this energy field just above the navel, we possess vast unlimited energy even as we awaken to the primal wisdom of higher consciousness. Yogis activate this energy field above the navel, the Guru Chakra, to climb above consciousness that gives the freedom to be beyond hunger, heat/cold and sleep/tiredness.


With daily practice invoking our Gurus, we master consciousness to become the Guru.  Expanded consciousness is Mother Kundalini. When we realize that the Guru is Kundalini and that Kundalini is a state of consciousness, we are the Guru.


How to incorporate the Guru Chakra in your daily yoga practice: [It is recommended to practice the Sun Salutation sequence to incorporate the invoking of the Guru. The Sun Salutation is a sequence of postures that helps us warm up at the beginning stages of yoga. In this sequence, from posture to posture, awareness of breath, the mind and the body unites with ease.]


  1. Invoke your Guru at the start of the sequence as you bring your palms together in Anjali mudra (palms together at the front of the chest). Remember your Guru through each following sequence and through each breath.
  1. Stand with the legs slightly apart, imagining yourself as a pyramid. Feel the root chakra within yourself as the center of the pyramid. Experience yourself as stable and steady while aware of each breath.
  1. Inhale all the way down from the root chakra. Let the breath fill up from the lower belly and upwards.
  1. In the retention of breath, be conscious of the spot above the navel. Contract the spot above the navel.
  1. In the exhale, elongate the breath as a slow exhale while being conscious of the navel chakra and the Guru within your breath.
  1. Do the entire sequence of Sun Salutation being aware of each breath as the journey within the breath invoking the Guru.
  1. Through each posture, feel the Guru Chakra so that all effort from the body in making the postures comes from the Guru Chakra.
  1. Upon completing the Sun Salutation sequence, come back to the Anjali mudra (palms together at the front of the chest), exhale through the third eye, and visualize the Guru as Spirit within yourself.


Ultimately, through daily yoga, we realize our inner fire and the Gurus we have invoked as the higher consciousness we awaken to be. The Guru within awakens as a blessing of yoga!


So be the Guru!


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Handsigned by Nandhiji

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