The most potent blessing we could ever receive from a Sage, Yogi or any Enlightened Master is to receive the uplifting, igniting grace of our own consciousness. In the ancient pre-vedic Tamil language, the word mantra is mentioned as “mandiram” which also means magic – the ability to transform reality in a moment. Called “deeksha”, which means initiation, the giving of a mantra by the Guru to the initiate is the single most important ritual, as the mantra serves the initiate’s lifelong spiritual journey through the thread of ancient resonance.


Traditionally in India, conveying awakening consciousness is done especially through mantra. In the mystical yogic tradition of the South Indian Siddhars, there is less emphasis on written or oral teachings; much of the wisdom is conveyed through the mantra energy that awakens the inner knowledge.


Mantra recitation can be said to be the mother of meditation. With the recitation of a mantra, the mind immediately focuses on a single thought, leading to transcendence – awareness beyond the mind. By reciting the mantra, effortlessness in meditation is enhanced even while doing mundane chores.


When we meet a higher conscious being in the form of a saint, yogi, or even disguised in the ordinary, as a taxi driver, we know that we are uplifted by the words, action or simply the mere presence of that person. Higher conscious beings flow with a vibration of peace and harmony. It is said that when Buddha walked from place to place, crisscrossing each village and town, his presence was felt by people over 10 miles away. On feeling his presence as peace, love and calm, thousands would gather near Buddha to experience more of this vibrancy.


There are many scientific studies on meditation that have proven that meditation gives more benefits to society than merely inner peace for the meditator. The effect of mass meditation has been noted to affect surrounding areas by creating a significant drop in the crime rate. For example, when the founder of Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, conducted a group meditation with hundreds of people, the drop in crime rates in the surrounding area was observed to be consistent. This energy field produced by meditation has, for a long time, been referred to by yogis as consciousness.


The secrets of power within mantras are:


  1. Mantras serve as a bridge of consciousness:

When receiving the mantra from a Guru, understand its significance: this is an initiation in which we are forever connected in consciousness with the Guru. By reciting the mantra, the seeker is able to climb above states of consciousness and become the master. Every time we chant our mantra, we are invoking the presence of our Guru. An enlightened master’s presence in our lives is protecting, nurturing and guiding us, until gradually, our own consciousness becomes the presence of the master.


  1. Mantra chants create the specific realities we desire:

Each mantra holds a specific dimension of reality. For example, when we chant a mantra for the Goddess of abundance, we will see that we reflect abundance in our realities. Understand the power of recitation of mantras to be tapping into the realities we desire. For instance, when there is a deep fear and we recite a specific mantra, we are creating an energy field to protect ourselves. The more we trust the abilities of the mantra and recite the mantra from our heart in its intent, the better the mantra works to create the specific reality that we seek.


  1. Mantras shift and transform our thoughts and thinking patterns:

Through chanting the mantra, we begin to tune into the inherent vibrations within the mantra and come into alignment with those higher vibrations.  When we do this, our mind also perceives thoughts from a higher place.


  1. Mantras are a manifestation tool:

When we chant the mantra, our mind is slowly brought to a singular focus – like a magnifying glass that converts sunlight into fire. Any intent held through the mantra is magnified due to the intensity of focus and an intent that has been held long is thus brought to reality.


  1. Mantras are supreme prayers:

Nearly all mantras carry the intent of invoking a specific facet of God/Source. Through chanting the mantra we develop a singular focus on the invoked Deity. Extended over years of chanting, we realize our connection to the invoked Source/God more and more, and with greater ease.


  1. Mantras fine-tune our breath and optimal thinking process:

By chanting the mantra, our inner journey to Source/God has begun. Slowly we begin to realize our breath is becoming deeper and slower, thereby utilizing more of our lungs. This is a natural process that reciting a mantra accomplishes. With enhanced breathing, our mind also thinks optimally from the center of harmony.


  1. Reciting the mantra awakens the state of bliss:

As we chant the mantra, we transcend the limits of the mind. Reciting mantras induces bliss due to the mind slipping away from its past momentum and acquiring the stress free “Now” moment. We awaken to the “Now” moment that is devoid of worry about the past or future when the mind is subdued to the ever-present harmony in the core of our being. We are able to experience a state of joy within the mantra that the Sages of antiquity held on to. Holding on to this state of joy embedded within the mantra, we begin to expand this state of joy in our being – as in a body of bliss, as in realities of bliss and in perceiving all realities from the state of bliss.


  1. The power and potency within the mantra can constantly be increased:

We realize the mantra by chanting it, as a way of connecting our consciousness with our Guru, who gave the mantra to us. When we perform acts of goodness and kindness (dharma) we are increasing the power within the mantra. The mantra serves as the facilitator to higher consciousness and when we utilize the wisdom of higher consciousness to do good, we are allowing the flow of grace that is awakened through our expanding consciousness.


  1. Mantras are empowered with the “cooking” process:

The more we chant the mantra, the more potent and powerful the mantra becomes. As we chant the mantra over longer periods of time and over the years, we realize the mantra’s effect on reality in daily miracles and its potency in realities created. With time, the mantras we recite mature and get “cooked”. When the mantra is “cooked” for a period of time, it can then be given to another as a field of consciousness that easily lights up anyone ready for more consciousness. Even to simply listen to the mantra chant of an enlightened master can shift our consciousness, partly because the mantra has been “cooked” by the master, and partly because the mantra is embedded with the blessings of all masters who have chanted the mantra before – the lineage behind the mantra.


  1. Chant the mantra and awaken to all the goodness of higher consciousness:

Chanting the mantra transforms the mind to an effortless meditative state. When the mind is in a meditative state, our consciousness expands to imbibe all positive attributes – such as less stress, increased empathy, more focus, more optimism, more unconditional love and so on.


  1. Mantras carry the vibratory presence of our Guru and all the preceding Gurus as the lineage Presence:

It is wise to receive a mantra from an Enlightened Master, as most mantras are passed on from Guru to disciple; the mantra will have been chanted by each Guru over an entire life time. When we chant the mantra, we are tapping into the primal vibrations of all masters of the past and bringing this energy into our own expanding consciousness. When we recite mantras that have a strong lineage, we are able to align to this ancient lineage of the Gurus, manifesting as guidance, protection and grace in our inner journey.


  1. Chanting mantras is an optimal solution for those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD):

Recent scientific studies attest that meditation does help those with ADD.  From childhood our mind seeks input from music, television or other data sources. We have access to massive amounts of information through the world wide web, so it is only natural that our mind is trained to have an attention deficit. For these people, the form of meditation based on breath awareness and eradication of thoughts simply does not work, especially for those of us in urban areas. Reciting the mantra is perhaps the surest way to not only quieting the mind but also to train the mind to focus on a single point for a longer period of time.


  1. Awaken the genius within:

Through chanting we enhance the mind’s ability to meditate, to climb above the normal patterns of the mind. In “climbing above the mind” we are able to think outside the box of limitations. Most of the amazing minds of history, such as Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, were able to connect with the spiritual essence beyond the mind and “see” the higher perspective that we refer to as “genius” and great intelligence. When we go behind to understand the awareness that exists beyond our thought patterns and thinking processes, we are tapping into a state of super-consciousness.  This is what the yogi sages call the state of turiya. Chanting leads us to this super-consciousness state that all beings of higher consciousness experience.


  1. Empower the mantra by constantly doing Dharma (heart’s work):

The essence of the mantra is the energy field created between our own consciousness and the consciousness of the guru behind the mantra, therefore each act of goodness that we perform empowers the mantra in its potency. When we do charitable deeds, the mantra within us feeds on the good energies created to become even more potent.


  1. Mantras enable the transformational journey within:

Through mantras we change the patterns of our past thinking. The spiritual history of India is filled with ignorant persons who used to be robbers and murderers. Wanting to change their lives, they began by surrendering to a mantra and then emerging as enlightened masters! All it takes to awaken the highest wisdom within ourselves is the initiation through mantra. Then our journey to become a master unfolds. When we are ready, the right mantra is received.


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