2015 June 21st – A Humanity’s highest of aspirations is now a reality- International Yoga Day. Mother India’s gift of Consciousness to humanity is Yoga.
We are grateful for Prime Minister Narendra Modiji of
Mother India who took this initiative that brings peace, abundance, wellbeing, love and all the goodness of consciousness for everyone- across all nations, religions and cultures- through Yoga. We applaud every Yogi celebrating the Inner Lamp across the globe as Consciousness of One. We thank some of the dogmatic Islamic, Christian and religious extreme who are of the enslaved mind for questioning Yoga.

We appreciate the passion of freedom, joy, wisdom and happiness inherent in each of us awake in our yoga. We know Consciousness is an idea that is unstoppable- through our times of Now- sharing breath with each as a YOGI- through each of us, the WE.

Be the Yogi!