World Yogi Day
Dates Feb 9th to Feb 21

This is the ultimate pilgrimage you have been seeking. The journey within to awaken the Yogi, the You. Does not matter where you are, who you are or what you are. Ultimately, upon waking up- We awaken our innate immense potential. Awaken and be the Yogi!

Each day, detox the mind & body. Awaken the Spirit. Transform the mind like moon waning to be vastness of infinity. On the Mahasivratri Night, celebrate Light by being Lord Siva.

  • Feb 9th Livestream 7PM PST USA: Initiation:About Mahasivratri, guidance & mantra initiations to begin the pilgrimage within.
  • Feb 13 Livestream 7PM PST USA: Lord Siva- Spirit/ Goddess Sakti- Kundalini/ Lord Vishnu- Awake Mind
  • Feb 17 Livestream 7PM PST USA: 18 Yogic techniques to multiply Consciousness
  • Feb 21 Livestream 7PM PST USA: Maha Shivratri Satsang

FB Mahasivratri World Yogi Day LIvestream with Nandhiji