State of Turiya, the super-conscious states of an enlightened yogi:

There are many versions of stories behind Mahasivratri. One of the popular version of the stories behind Mahasivratri is-

A thief was running away into the forest. As he goes deeper in the forest its evening and soon it gets dark. The thief was frightened of the wild animals. So he climbs up a tree with great difficulty.

This thief had done huge dharma in his past lives. This good fortune of the past brought forth a miracle. The tree that the thief chose to c,limb up and spend the night happened to be the Vilva. The Vilva leaves are considered to be a special and sacred heart offerings for Lord Siva.

Unknown to the thief, just below tree was a Siva Lingam (Lord Siva represented as a in the form of infinity- the Lingam).
THrough the night, the thief was afraid to fall down. The thief stayed up all night long and each time he moved, the leaves of Vilva kept falling down accidently. Leaf by leaf through the night they fell over the Lord Siva Lingam that was below.

Through the night, slowly the fear, fright and ignorance started burning away as the thief sat perched on the branches with his thoughts recollecting all the past deeds. With feelings of repentance, the thief felt the need to surrender this past. Through the sleepless moments of the night, the thief slowly woke up to understand himself as the Spirit having the human experience.

By dawn, the thief was on the thresholds of enlightenment as he saw the Lingam below. It takes a being of higher consciousness to understand and realize the power of Infinity in the Lingam- and the thief recognized the LIngam for the Source it represented as in form. Climbing down the tree, the he did his worship,not sas a thief any more by as a yogi.

In India, millions of ordinary people- householders and yogis stay up through the night chanting and signing to Lord Siva.
Most householders however are what in the West we call- the weekend warriors- they simply jump into the Mahasivratri celebrations with the will to stay up all night chanting- fighting sleep with determination through this timelessly long night. They miss the essence of Mahasivratri that celebrates the ‘staying up all night’ event.
The process to descend and alight with Mahasivratri is actually a yogic process of attainment of the state of turiya. Turiya is higher consciousness.

The state of turiya is called the sleepless sleep- a realm beyond the mind that is of intense joy and bliss. The state of turiya is also attained by each of us when we are in totality of focus, inspiration, excitement and happiness while doing something that we enjoy- when we do not feel tired, hungry, hot or cold or sleepy.

For a yogi, it is an inner journey to attain the supreme objective of yoga- to be Lord Siva, the Yogi.
Lord Siva is our awake soul, the Spirit that is mentioned in the bible as the Holy Ghost. By observing Mahasivratri and attaining the state of of blissful union with Lord Siva, through the night of Mahasivratri, the state of turiya awakens as the experience beyond limits of the mind, the mind always is aware of each breath- to be the yogi.

Consciousness is awakened by attainment of state of turiya, even if it was just for that one night and for all of our life time we are blessed by the empowerment of ourselves through the state of a yogic mind- the state of turiya.
Be the Yogi.

Celebrate Mahasivratri even by default, is worth it 🙂

Celebrate Mahasivratri as a Yogi, and Be.