• Let us Celebrate Together and

    Receive the Grace March 11th.

    of Divine Light, Wisdom and Consciousness.
    Mahasivratri, The Grand Night of Siva, Super Consciousness.
    Join the Global Chant of Maha Moksha 108 Mantra
    to Bless, Protect and Uplift Humanity in Oneness.


    Invites You

    In 2002 Nandhiji envisioned the empowering day of Mahasivratri as the Day that holds promise for Humanity through yoga to be the Yogi. Observed by millions of householders, saddhus and yogis for thousands of years, Mahasivratri is the once a year sacred vortex of time that awakens anyone seeking enlightenment. In awakening ourselves, Humanity awakens in consciousness.


    Invites You

    Mohanji was instrumental in the idea and truth in focus- the Yogi. The core of Mohanji’s teaching is Liberation from all bindings and habits of life. Mohanji all beings to a violent-free, peaceful and compassionate existence, contributing to the society and to mother earth. He is a saint, a teacher, visionary and philanthropist

    Baba Nataraj

    Invites You

    Baba is the original American Saddhu. He has been on the path in solitude and perpetual meditation for over 40 years. He has walked the length and breadth of USA a few times as a personal pilgrimage. His intellectual brilliance continues to shine today. Baba has great knowledge and erudition in the fields of holistic medicine, yoga–especially the esoteric tantras of Kriya, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga.


     3 AM March 12th

    Nandhiji will lead our Global 108 Maha Moksha Mantra Chants of Lord Siva for Humanity.  Together activate our Light Mandala of Empowering Consciousness of Oneness.

    Be Part of the Global Mandala of Light and Consciousness

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    The Screen will be blank and offline until the next scheduled event.

    Look at the program for times of broadcast. You can also watch live on Facebook or YouTube.


    The Global Chant will be at 3 am Pacific Time.

    Note you may need to turn on sound on your device.

    Click the little volume button and move the slider up to adjust the volume.


  • What You will Experience

    Once a year the Stars Literally align to create the conditions for enlightenment in a single night.

    Those who stay awake with spine erect can even attain instant Super Consciousness.

    Powerful Night of Cosmic Breakthrough

    Join with people all over the world intending enlightenment for themselves and humanity.

    Global 108 Chant of the Maha Moksha

    108 Maha Moksha Mantra at 3amto uplift you, the world and humanity at the peak of Mahasivratri.

    Siddha Masters will Bless You

    Receive the Supreme Light grace of Annai Siddhar Rajakumar Swamigal | Brahmarishi Hills:

    Nandhiji will Lead 6 hours of Blessings

    Starting at 9 pm Pacific we will achieve our once a year attainment of Yogam: Union with Source.

  • Forming the Global Mandala of Light Together at 3 am PT Mahasivratri.

    Join in Chanting the protective and powerfully auspicious Maha Moksha

    for yourself, your family and awakening of the Consciousness of Humanity

    at the peak of Mahasivratri.

    The sacred and beloved mantra







  • Online Free Program for Mahasivratri: World Yogi Day

    March 11th starting 9 pm PT, 12 am ET, 5 am GMT, 10.30 am IST

    Program guideline will flow with Divine Timing and Participation of Yogis from India. All timings are approximate and subject to change in the Divine moment.

    Divine Timing and Participation of Yogis from India. All timings are approximate and subject to change in the Divine moment.

    Nandhiji 9PM - 10.30PM PT: Satsang, Mantra Empowerments


    Mohanji 10.30PM PT: Blessing & Light Transmission

    Avatar Baba Nataraj 10.50 PM Grace Blessings


    Brahmarishi Hills 11.30 Blessings from Sacred India, Mantra & Light Transmission

    https://brammarishihills.wordpress.com/ see more.


    Rohini Mataji




    Bhairavasekar Swamy 1AM PT: Blessings from Sacred India, Mantra & Light Transmission

    Adi Sokkar 1.30 AM PT: Blessings from Sacred India, Mantra & Light Transmission

    Nandhiji 3 AM PT Global Maha Moksha 108 Chants Together- Consciousness Upliftment for Humanity


    The Maha Moksha Mantra is supremely healing and protective. Nandhiji will lead a global chant for you and Humanity. The mantra will be changed to heal all your personal issues (health, wealth, suffering, relationships, career, spiritual growth.) We will also chant for planet earth, nature, yoga, humanity, animals, world peace and healing of all global issues.









    All that is done on Mahasivratri is amplified in Consciousness and Auspicious.


    With the coming of the Dawn, we return refreshed as spiritual light to live that truth as blessed beings incarnate and fortunate in every way. We close with invoking Lord Vishnu (In aspect of the awakened Mind) and Goddess Laxmi Naranaya to bless our physical lives with wealth and auspiciousness. Aum Namah Sivaya.


    *The recordings of these broadcasts will be posted in your World Yogi Day Learning Portal after the event.


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