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    The Siddha Grace

    Mahasviratri is the night when the enlightened beings share their blessings with humanity.


    Open to all faiths and traditions in Oneness.

  • "When we enter into the world of the Siddhas, we are harnessing the immense power of Consciousness. When you invoke any siddha, you are instantly connected to the energies and grace the lineage carries."


  • Siddha Yogis and Siddha Yoga

    Siddhas' were evolved spiritual beings who went beyond enlightenment to accomplish the final yoga of attaining the ultimate perfection as becoming one with God. Perfection in this sense means the state of the highly evolved as Christ after the resurrection. This is the ultimate objective of yoga in the Siddha philosophy. Yoga of Siddha tradition in South India meant the accomplishment of merging the body into the supreme light of the absolute as attainments of eight different dimensions of perfection. Each dimension of perfection is called a 'siddhi' and 'siddhi' is the miraculous powers that were acquired while practicing this path of yoga.


    What do the Siddhas have to do with me?

    On the path to liberation, there are many obstacles and countless karmic patterns we have to break. The Siddha are Divine Beings that are ever ready and willing to help and Bless sincere seekers.

    If even one Siddha blesses you, your life will be transformed beyond words!



    Blessings to all Yogis

    May all attain Liberation

    Arise in Consciousness