• Tapas Fires

    The Secrets of the Yogis

  • The Power of Tapas is the Key to achieving a Super Conscious Breakthrough


    Once a year, millions of yogis and seekers begin their inner pilgrimage by preparing the mind and body to align to the astrological and astronomical time conductive to expansion of Consciousness- Mahasivratri.


    The objective of yoga and meditation is to attain superconsciousness, the states of turiya is Mahasivratri gifts. With mastery over Consciousness, master life breaking limits of mind, body and circumstances.


    Full moon of Feb 9 is an ideal day to begin the inward journey.


    This journey within begins with lighting the Lamp inside ourselves by way of mantras, setting intent to be Spirit unlimited by body and mind and celibacy. Sages mention this pilgrimage, tapasya “tapas” as a vital yogic practice.

    Through the spiritual history of India, tapasya is often mentioned as means by which Sages were able to invoke the Divine entity they sought, receive specific blessings they desired, transformed themselves and or attained enlightenment.

    India’s independence is attributed to the tapas of Mahatma Gandhiji. His act of hunger strikes did visibly galvanize the entire population of India to satyagraha, peaceful nonviolent protests, non-cooperation movement and defiance.

    Sages of India have long held tapas as means to enlightenment

    and as methodology to shift outer realities through inner work.


    Benefits of the practice of tapas for Mahasivratri:

    • Detox the mind and body of karmic limits, past that weighs us down and any negativity we hold on to

    • Develop a single pointed mind that is absolute prerequisites of yoga practice.

    • Mantra chanting transforms mind by stepping out of the past, purifying the memory imprints of past, imbibing the tapas grace of Sages stored within the mantra and becoming That which we focus through the mantra- Lord Siva.

    • Like the full moon warning to the new moon, our limited mind gradually subsides giving way to the meditative supermind of Consciousness.

    • Fasting, observing Mahasivratri rejuvenates and heals the body, while stimulating Mother Kundalini, the inner fires that activates each energy center, the chakras.

    • Transformation and acquiring the new unlimited potential to be the Yogi is the cocooning ourselves as a larva of hunan to become the Angelic butterfly, the Yogi.

    Methodology of Tapas:

    • Set the intent and prepare ourselves for the inner pilgrimage in advance.

    • Resolve all or any circumstance, relationships and realities to peace and harmony to ensure safe space and unhindered time to cocoon ourselves during the Mahasivratri pilgrimage.

    • To start of the pilgrimage within- go to a Temple, or a Guru or sit besides a lit Lamp. Attain a Lord Siva mantra by receiving and reciting the mantra nonstop.

    • Each through the pilgrimage go within like an onion with many layers burning away each layer. Be infinitely patient enjoying the Now moment of pilgrimage instead of focusing on any results.

    • Every breath through the entirety of the pilgrimage needs be with the mantra, connected to and from Source.

    • Visit sacred Temples, vortexes, read scriptures and holy books, attend satsangs and be in company of higher vibrational Beings or in solitude.

    • Climb above the navel. Let go of attachments of any form outside ourselves. Celibacy is conducive to tapas.

    • Fasting- dry fruits and nuts, fruits, raw vegetables and juices. Herbs and spices like turmeric, ginger, pepper etc is beneficial when added on to juices. Avoid cooked food of any sort. Raw vegan is ideal.

    • While doing yoga, focus deeper on breath, the mantras and the Source tuned in mind.

    • Be aware of our mind gently arising to be meditative. Delve within. Avoid external music so our inner music and states of joy from silence gets louder.

    • Solitude, silence, meditation, mantra chanting, external pilgrimages and fasting awakens the greater Self that empowers our mind to wade beyond sleep. Be aware of sleep and the state of mind beyond sleep- turiya. As turiya states unfold due to our effort and grace of Mahasivratri time vortex, be aware of the experience of undiluted joy, bliss and radiance.

    Attain Source unions of Mahasivratri. Be the celebrations of turiya states, super consciousness. This pristine mind of clarity is expanded Consciousness where the mind is like the moon reflection Source, the Sun- the yogic mind.


    After Mahasivratri

    Every once a week, preferable Thursdays repeat the Mahasivratri pilgrimage one whole day- doing yoga, chanting and worshipping the Divine to remind ourselves of being Lord Siva, the Supreme Self, the Yogi!